Donate to Voices of Hope

With music as our voice, we raise awareness and funds to support those who conduct the research and create the hope of finding a cure for generations to come. Voices of Hope is proud to be supporting the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. They offer new hope to patients and their families as the center defines the future of cancer therapy.

Every aspect of our organization is volunteer run; from performance to set design, orchestration to production, and marketing to costume design. This means every dime you donate contributes primarily to cancer research. To date, our efforts have raised over a half million dollars in our fight against cancer.

You can make a direct donation through Network for Good to Voices of Hope or by mailing a check directly to:

Voices of Hope
171 Park Street
Stoneham, MA 02180

Thank you for your donation:

Agatha Pereira - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

Ahmed Alkhateeb - $10

Allen Beckenstein - $50

Allen Hochfelder - $25
In memory of Edward Pass

Amy Agostino - $50
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Andrew Horvitz - $25

Anonymous - $10

Antone Costa - $25

Arthur Palmer - $250

Audrey Appleby - $25

Babette Fahey - $50
In support of Dave Hastings

Barbara Trow - $25
In memory of Josh Friedman

Ben Kellman - $50

Beth Bellone - $25

Beverly Gerzeny - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

Beverly Marzioli - $25
In honor of my mother, a 26 year (and counting) breast cancer survivor.

Bolivar Belliard - $50

Brian & Loretta Callahan - $50

Brian Cooney - $100
In memory of my dad

Carol Katsulis - $20
In memory of our loved ones.

Casey Hatch - $10

Cathy and Jerry Sabath - $100

Christine Levesque - $50

Curtis Fennell - $400

Danielle Cabral - $50
What a wonderful cause in memory of Janis. I often think about her, and can still hear her infectious laugh! Good luck! ❤️

Danyelle Kavanagh - $50
Thank you to all who are volunteering for Voices of Hope - you are all heroes.

David Hastings - $150
Pleased to be able to bring you to goal..I would only ask you to do what I would do - so I am making the first contribution here! Every $ counts!

David Thompson - $25

Dawn Prunier - $25
Praying that someday soon we see a cure.

Debbie Bowers - $25

Deborah White - $75

Douglas Bolduc Jr. - $25
You're a good man!

Ed Donahue - $75
Break a leg Roy! Wish we could be there.

Elizabeth Braun - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

Fred Brofazi - $100
In memory of Edward Pass

George Blier - $25

H. Daniel Wenstrup - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

Hannah Hastings - $40
Giving in lieu of sending flowers to applaud what I know will be an incredible performance! So proud of you, Daddy.

Harold Walker - $50
Thank you for helping to fight this terrible disease.

Harriet Friedman - $50

Ida & Dolores Pementa - $25
In memory of Edward Pass

J. Sam and Dee Stipp - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

James Mount - $250
In honor of Jennifer Onello

James Sears - $25
My wife, two times lung cancer and now in remission almost three years

Janet Hood - $50

Janine Goldstein - $100

Jean Coss - $50

Jen Sullivan c/o Norton Middle School - $57
In memory of Edward Pass

Jennifer Smith - $25
In memory of Edward Pass

Jessica Woodard - $10

Jim Wick - $25

John Garcia - $50
This is in honor of my sin Jeffrey who lost his couragous battle with brain cancer!

John Gavin - $50
Barbara A. Gavin

Joseph Gallegher - $25
In memory of Edward Pass

Joy Leocata - $50
In memory of Irene Leocata

Joyce Libbey - $25
In memory of Edward Pass

Judith Dalphond - $10
With much love!!!

Kevin Bergquist - $50
Hope you meet your goal and the show is a huge success!!!!!!

Leila Neal - $50

Leslie and David Siverstein - $25
In support of Jen Onello

Leslie Brebner - $40

Lorraine Kaufman - $20
In memory of Edward Pass

Marjorie Tatum - $50

Michael Corbin - $25

Michael McLaughlin - $100
In memory of Edward Pass

Michael Ryan - $50

Miranda Whitney - $10
I Hope you reach your goal!

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Sandberg - $54
In honor of Susan Rubin

Mrs. Theodore A vonGlahn - $100
In memory of Edward Pass

Natalie MacBrien - $40
A loving grandmother who doesn't want her family to have to face cancer in the future!

Neela Matin - $25

Norma Butter - $36

Norma Butter - $50

Norton Middle School Sunshine Fund - $25
In memory of Edward Pass

Rhonda Cherry - $25

Richard Golen - $10

Robert Dickson - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

Roger & Patricia Pennycook - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

Ronna Hamelin - $10

Ryan Sheehy - $50
Amazing. Wish we could make the show but we'll be at a wedding! Love you Uncle!

Sharon Johnson - $25

Shawn Reynolds - $50
Give that cancer what for!

Shirley Chao - $25

Stephanie Williams - $25
In memory of Edward Pass

Stephanie Williams - $100
In memory of Edward Pass

Steven Antinelli - $100
In memory of Edward Pass

Susan Felici - $25

Susan Magri - $50
In memory of Edward Pass

The Coffee Club - $125

Theresa Kobrenski - $50
In honor of Gayle Nigro

Thomas Streep - $50

Vicki Sederholm - $15

Wende Donahue - $30
Jamberry Nails Fundraiser

William MacBrien - $100
Commendable endevor

Wilma McCarthy - $20
In memory of Edward Pass

Chris Taee

David O'Sullivan

Ed and Dana Siegal

Heather Riah

Eastern Bank

Eastern Pipe

Jack Fahey

Felix Septic

Kevin Mullen

Liz Bangs

Marie Wilson

Michael Marchia

Mike and Beth Consoli

Ratelle Tree Corp.

Richard Mutkoski

Robert Hallisey

Robin Millman

Roger Desjardins

Sara Young

Sheila M. Doherty

State Street Bank

Ali Cox

Allen Goldman

Andrew Donahue

Ben & Alice Pascucci

Brent Farmer

Brian Cooney

Brian Marsella

Carrie Rainen

Cathy Hinek

Chris Jackson

Christine Saro

Colleen Cuningham

Cori Thurlow

Curtis Fennell

David Eaglesham

Dawn & Ed Hodsdon

Dawn & Michael Silva

Debbie Wilson

Diane Ford

Donna Cloonan

Edward Goldman

Eileen Hannigan

Elise Boland

Elizabeth Abromaitis

Elizabeth Johnson

Wally & Florence Wadman

Glenn Prentiss

Harold Walker

Janette & Richard Marashlian

Jean-Francois Formela

Jeanie Lavine

Jeffery Giampa

Jill Scanlon

Joseph Torrisi

Josephine Thomas

Judith Citron

Judith Wilkins

Kathleen Pease

Ken Pecore

Kenneth Goode

Kevin & Lina Keefe

Lauren J. Swiniuch

Laurie Myers

Lisa Duffy

Madeleine Dassule

Mark DeFrancisco

Marnee Walsh

Mary E. Mann

Mary Landrigan-Ossar

Michael Contompasis

Michael Menassa

Michael Wood

Monica Scanlon

Neil Goldman

Nicole Hadas

Nicole Sullivan

Patrick Damo

Paul Landry

Paul Lennon

Richard & Anita Pollak

Conquer Cancer Coalition

Jim Boland

Richard Breed

Richard Millman

Richard O'Donnell

Rina Cerulli

Robert Pascucci

Robin Millman

Ronald Marsella

Sean O'Connor

Todd Hughey

Todd Rivers

United Methodist Church of Newton

Walther Weylman

William Goebel

Marianne Paley-Nadal

Karen Nascembeni

Adam Guilmette

Alex Loth

Alison Takacs

Allen Goldman

Andrea & Christopher Green

Anita Doherty

Anita Kelly

Ann Munchmeyer

Anne McGann

Anne Paradis

Greg & Jean Chastain

Jill Fischman

Jill Fischman

Jill Fischman

Anthony Florentino Jr.

Barbara McCaffrey

Barbara Strube

Ben & Alice Pascucci

Betsy Almeida Pesce

Caitlin Beckman

Caitlin Gilbertson

Cara Breton

Carol Dillon

Carol Watson

Catherine Leblanc

Chris Pascucci

Christine Anderson

Christine Georges

Christine Sinacola

Cindy Cucich

Craig McClain

Daniel Gorfinkle

David & Judy Curran

David Murgo

David Parsons

Dawn & Mike Silva

Deborah Yameen

Debra Kwiatek

Deedee Spiros

Diana DePaolis

Roy & Diane Earley

Diane Hesterberg

Diane Longtin

Diane Meehan

Dick Jewett

Doreen Gavigan

Doris Heerlein

Dr. Jonathan Adler

Dr. Robert F. Broussard

Dr. Ronald DePinho

Edward Goldman

Elaine Clark

Eleanor Edelstein

Elizabeth Kehoe

Elizabeth Walima

Ellie Bloomfield

Eric Dubrule

Feline Lauta

Fox Painting Co.

Frederick Meters

Jan Gallagher

Jane Meyer

Jane Scanlon

Janice & Paul Filteau

Janice Ann Shea

Michelle Griffin

Janice Ann Shea

Jean & Bruce McGilvray

Jennifer Onello

Jeremy Crawford

Jerry Loew

Jerry Walker

Jill Woods

Joanne P. Zall

Jodi Curtain

John Markiewicz

John Morrison

Joseph Cravero

Joseph Donhauser

Joseph Narog

Joseph Studer

Judith Robinson

Julie French

June Wulff

Kara Pascucci

Karen Easton

Karen Levy

Kari Shisler

Kate Keough

Katherine Breen

Kathleen Costin

Suzy Alberts

John Cuneen

Michael Desroches

Tom Simard

Charlie Scopoletti

Jonathan Zuker

Susan Zuker

Katie Hillen

Kathleen Farrell

Kathleen Hatch

Kathleen Sullivan

Kelly Florentino

Kelly Prapuolenis

Kenneth Meehan

Kris Lefebvre

Kristen Gerety

Kristen Self

Lars Jeppesen

Laurie Myers

Lea Lauta

Leane Cole

Leilani Delmore

Linda Dellano

Linda Sherman

Lisa Nichols

Lori Alper

Louis Guzzetti

Lynne Reznick

Madeleine Dassule

Maria & Timothy Bunker

Maria & Bob Coughlan

Mark & Jean Seigal

Mark Golub

Mark Lamson

Martin Rogers

Mary Ann & Jim Addessio

Mary Cassidy

Mary Cookson

Mary Mascola

Mary McClory

Mary Tiano

Maryellen Kenney

Matthew Haglund

Maura Embler

Maureen Campbell

Maureen Crowley

May Paquette

Melissa Gilgun

Michael Feinstein

Michael Fuller

Molly Gerry

Myrna Fearer

Nancy Woods

Nicholas Capone

Nichole Buzzard

P.T. Lennon

Patricia Ciofolo

Patricia Rogers

Perry & Brenda Gould

Peter Gori

Petra Marino

Rachel Imiach

Reuben Harrington

Richard & Robin Millman

Richard Harvey

Richard Kaiser

Robert Brenna

Roberta Fusaro

Rodney Chandler

Rosa Corr

Ruth Covino

Ryan Prentis

Sally Vitali

Sandra Power

Sara Lashetski

Sarah Woodard

Scott Helmers

Sefatia Romeo Theken

Stephanie Warren

Stephanie Stewart

Steve Demers

Susan Gigliotti

Traci Wolbrink

Tracy Smith

Travis Dusek

Victor Lantheaume

Victoria Charry

Wendy Miskelly

Sheila Wotring

Karl Fitch

Lynne Carter

Cynthia Terry

Mary Noble

Rachel Seliber

Barbara Gudaitis

Charlene Panek

Doreen Gouveia

Sandra Tranfaglia

Tugce Seckiner Frank

Sarah Chase

Sandi DiPrima

Steven Burt

Liz DiPrima

Lydia Bertolino

Ashley Eline

Noreen Sullivan

Lee Regan

Jonathan Saxton

Nancy Hirschhorn

Melissa Mutkoski

Leah Desrochers

Rusty Bilodeau

David Hastings

John Kelly

Linda Costanzo

April Foley

Shannon Zappala

Ken Bonin

Joel Hersh

Lee Catalona

Cara Breton

Susan Fenton Masciello

Linda Dellano

Daniel Knowles

Tony Catalano

Stephen Markarian

Laurie Murhpy

Eva Lee

Jean O'Connor

Janet Forti

Rageen Trivedi

Paula Mcstege

David Saunders

Jeannine Holden

Dean MacIsaace

Sarah Lott

Lori Hall

Maureen Carney

Kim Gavrilles

Jim Baptists

Alex Norton

Wende Donahue

Lauri Kurdziel

Kim Cirame

Jim WInston

DeeDee Spiros

Nancy Koch

Mary Ann Gallo-Addessio